Terms of Trade

1) House call fee.
All jobs will incur a service call fee. A house call fee is charged to help cover business overheads such as advertising, phone, power, training courses, insurance, workshop rent etc.

2) Parts and labour.
All completed repairs will include a charge for any parts fitted and labour.

3) Reservation of title.
All parts remain the property of Devenport Electrical until all outstanding charges have been paid in full.

4) Unpaid and overdue accounts.
Any unpaid of overdue portion of any account may be referred to our debt collecting agency. Any collection costs incurred in retrieving this debt will be added to it and be payable by the debtor. This referral process will affect your credit rating.

5) The right to dispose.
Any appliance dropped off to Devenport Electrical must be collected within three months if the appliance is not collected within this time Devenport Electrical has the right to dispose of the appliance.

6) The right to repossess.
Devenport Electrical has the right to enter a premises and repossess any parts not paid for in full. In the event that a debtor has on sold the goods these rights will still apply. This action may be taken instead of referral to a debt collecting agency.

7) Estimates.
An estimate can be given if requested or will be given if we consider the repair will be expensive. In the event that the repair is not proceeded with, the service call fee is still payable.

More about estimates.
An estimate is based on diagnostic test conducted on a faulty appliance. Due to the fact that the appliance is not working correctly, it may not be possible to fully test all operating functions of the appliance. Once some parts are replaced further faults may become evident. In the event that a part has been tested ok during the diagnostic process fails to function satisfactorily under working conditions a revised estimate may be given.